You may have heard “You only have one life, so live it to the fullest,” or a similar adaptation. When you apply it into the perspective of caring for our earth, we only have one chance to take care of it. That’s Plan A. And if it’s not taken care of, well, it doesn’t end well … literally. There is no Plan B, or in this case, there’s no “Planet B.” 

This is one of the favorite mantras of Greg Ziesemer, Executive Director of Earth Day Indiana, Inc. Greg has both a love for the Earth and the environment, and a passion for bringing the community together for a good time with a great cause.

Drawing from his past experience as Event Coordinator of the RiverRoots Music and Arts Festival in Madison, Indiana, Greg embraces the position of Executive Director as both a challenge and a privilege. “The mission and purpose of the Earth Day Indiana Festival,” Ziesemer says, “is to not only be a celebration of an annual day of recognition, but an educational, interactive and connecting event, centered on environmental sustainability and conservation.”

He goes on to say, “The best part of the festival is its focus on presenting a fun, family-friendly atmosphere of learning, networking, advocacy and activities for children of all ages. I see our festival as a golden opportunity to elevate and address the concerns of our youth, the heirs and stewards of our planet’s future.”

Learn more about Earth Day Indiana and be sure to join us for our annual festival on June 5, 2021!