2024 Earth Day Indiana Festival

Saturday, June 1st 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Garfield Park
2345 Pagoda Dr., Indianapolis

    2024 Earth Day Indiana Festival Exhibitor & Vendor Application

    Exhibitor and vendor applications are now being accepted. To apply to be an exhibitor please fully complete each item below.

    A response is required for each field. If not applicable enter "No" or "NA"

    Tell us how your exhibit or business promotes sustainability, conservation, and/or environmental protection. If you are a vendor, please tell us how your products or food is either organic, sustainably produced, locally sourced, vegetarian, or vegan. At the very least, all vendors must provide at least one (1) vegetarian and ideally, vegan, dish. Please note that we will not allow the use of styrofoam food or drink containers at the festival.

    Type of Business
    For-profit business (non-food) ($175)For-profit business (food) ($175)Governmental Organization ($100)Non-profit Organization ($75)

    Rentals Needed

    Others to be close to or far from, accessibility needs, etc. and any other requirements or requests:

    Are you interested in providing a workshop or other learning opportunity for children or other attendees of the festival? If so, please provide details below.

    What else would you like us to know about your organization? Other Comments:

    Our organization agrees to the Exhibitor Release and Waiver of Liability (which can be found HERE)
    You will be notified by email upon approval of your exhibitor application, and an invoice will be sent. Notices will be sent beginning in March 2024.
    Click the Submit button once and wait for acknowledgement that the application was submitted. You may have to cursor to the top of the page to see the acknowledgement. This page will also inform you that the form was not submitted if one or more fields was not completed. The email address you listed above will receive a copy of this application form.